Yu Suzuki Tweet Breaks Internet

The Shenmue 3/Shenmue HD rumour mill is working overtime right now, and it probably doesn't help that Yu Suzuki has also tweeted a picture of Ryo Hazuki's favourite mode of transport:
Translation: 'Found at E3'
We're happy to wager that this is little more than a wind up, but those rumours just won't go away...

Touché Mr Suzuki, Touché.

On the subject of Shenmue, Data Discs are offering some rather excellent-looking vinyl LPs featuring tracks from Mr Suzuki's magnum opus here. They're only £20 a pop, and though the special edition has already sold out, they look well worth the (pre-order) asking price.
A bonus track of traditional sea shanties has yet to be confirmed.


Unknown said...

shenmue 3 will come eventually but only on the dreamcast 2


Tom Charnock said...

There is absolutely zero chance that Sega will release any form of hardware based on the Dreamcast. It's a noble crusade, but it's nothing more than a dream (excuse the pun). The company isn't in any financial shape to do such a thing and even though we as Dreamcast fans are keen on such a thing, the vast majority of people are not.