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DreamConn V2.0 Video Review

I was going to do a standard written review of Chis Daioglou's DreamConn V2.0 wireless controller, but I just thought it'd be a bit difficult to convey how awesome it is with words alone. There are only so many times you can copy and paste lists of features and post pictures, so I thought a proper video review was required. Furthermore a video review is much harder for other, more 'mainstream' outlets to lift almost verbatim and pass off as their own work. Below you will find the fruits of my - and Chris's - labours. Enjoy the video.

If you like what you've seen, you can purchase a DreamConn here.


Unknown said...

Great review , If chris can mod a standard dreamcast controller to make it wireless I'm sure someone with the right technical skills could mod a dreamcast to include a second analog stick between the start and A button that would be great for homebrew developers

DCGX said...

Thanks for the review! I don't have the money in my Dreamcast budget for this at the moment (plus I don't really need another DC controller), but I will be looking to get one down the line.

Anthony817 said...

Great video you showed me just what I needed to see. I was on the fence about getting one but now I need one in my life.

superclaw said...

Nice device! Can I purchase it? A page from link is not available now