Leona's Tricky Adventures Available Now!

We reported on Leona's Tricky Adventures way back in 2013 and sadly had to update the article when the Kickstarter project failed to make its goal. KTX Software battled on though, and we are happy to report that Leona's Tricky Adventures, complete with printed CD, manual and jewel case is now available to order from the game's official website. I haven't had the chance to play the game yet, but here's a short description from the KTX site:

Leona's Tricky Adventures is a clever puzzle adventure in a charming retro look. Explore a world of mystery and cutesy residents and recover a lost paradise by solving logic puzzles. With a storyline created by the comic authors Musal M. & B. Samuel and the music of the brilliant
composer Chris Huelsbeck, Tricky Adventures is a perfect treat for connoisseurs.
 - KTX Software
A box of Leona. Um.
You can find more information here and order the game here for €29.99 plus postage. It's also available on Steam if a new Dreamcast release isn't within your budget. Look out for a developer interview with KTX very soon here at the Junkyard; and a review of this cool-looking puzzle/adventure game just as soon as we can get our clammy, mud-covered hands on a copy.


The 1 Ross said...

Just got my order in.

noiseredux said...

ordered mine yesterday. :)

DCGX said...

Man. Shipping to the US kind of kills it, though no doubt this is the cheapest the game will ever be.

doceggfan said...

Ordered mine way back when the kickstarter failed in 2013. I win.