Dreamcast Magazine Issue 6

Issue 6 of Paragon Publishing's unofficial Dreamcast Magazine was available from the 24th February 2000 and marked the first time Lara Croft appeared on the mag's cover. Following in the tradition set by preceding issues, several features on arcade games that either weren't announced or had nothing to do with the Dreamcast are included, although to off-set that there is a fairly lengthy 'history of racing games' article, complete with previews of upcoming Dreamcast driving titles. Issue 6 is particularly interesting in that several high profile abandoned games are showcased, with Picassio, DroneZ and Felony Pursuit all being covered, and Midnight GT also gets a small mention.

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, MDK 2, Shenmue and Half-Life take the headlines in the forecast section; while the PAL reviews section consists of ratings for Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Slave Zero, NBA 2K and Deadly Skies. Import reviews are for Code Veronica, Space Channel 5, Godzilla Maximum Impact, Tech Romancer, Elemental Gimmick Gear and Centipede. Here's the video:

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