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Yes - There Was A Dreamcast Energy Drink

I've said this more times than I care to remember, but the diversity of the promotional items Sega commissioned in order to spread awareness of the Dreamcast brand is staggering. The latest thing I have discovered it this - the Dreamcast energy drink. There's precious little documentation about this canned beverage to be found online, and I only know of its existence due to one coming up for sale on eBay Germany. For the not insignificant price tag of €30, I'm happy to leave this interesting item for somebody with more disposable income to acquire (and drink), but I'm sure you'll agree it's amazing that hitherto forgotten Dreamcast marketing material is still coming to the fore in 2016.

The other, rather creepy images in the gallery below are of a rare outfit worn by promotional staff at a press event in Paris. It recently came up on eBay France and sold for over €100. With any luck, the buyer is now wearing it as they run around the local park scaring children.

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