Quantic Dream Pays Tribute To David Bowie

By now the whole world has learnt of the tragic death of legendary musician and actor David Bowie, who passed away on 11th January after a secret battle with cancer. As many Dreamcast and PC owners will no doubt be aware, the great man starred in action adventure The Nomad Soul (also known as Omikron in NTSC territories) and played multiple roles including that of a central character called Boz and also the part of the lead singer of a fictitious in-game band called The Dreamers. Furthermore, and quite appropriately, Bowie was instrumental in the creation of the game's soundtrack and lent his voice to various tracks played throughout the adventure. The point of this post though, is to pay homage to David Bowie and also to mention that Quantic Dream, the developer of The Nomad Soul has tweeted some interesting concept artwork from the game:
I did take a look at The Nomad Soul way back in 2008 and you can read my thoughts on the game here. You can also check out the official Nomad Soul section of Quantic Dream's site here.

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