Dreamcast Magazine Issue 4

Dreamcast Magazine issue 4 was released on the 23rd December 1999 and was, in effect the Christmas issue of Paragon Publishing's Sega-related periodical. It was the first issue to sport a printed spine in place of a stapled design and featured a slightly re-jigged internal layout. The cover is split between Chu Chu Rocket and Crazy Taxi, two mainstays of the Dreamcast's library, but also mentions Soul Reaver and Fighting Force 2.

Issue 4 is slightly longer than any of the previous issues and the 'forecast' section is completely done away with, becoming amalgamated with the 'newscast' section at the front of the magazine. As is the case with previous issues, there are several unreleased games previewed including Planet of the Apes, Jump Runner, Renegade Racers, Hostile Waters, Take The Bullet and Star Trek.

Other highlights include a feature on upcoming Codemasters games and an interview with Teruaki Konishi, chief director of Soul Calibur. There is a mention of Megadrive and PC Engine emulation coming to the Dreamcast, and also lots of speculation about Ridge Racer and Tekken Tag Tournament coming to Sega's platform. Reviews include Worms Armageddon, NFL 2K, Marvel Vs Capcom, Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000 and Street Fighter Alpha 3. Here's the video:

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noiseredux said...

the Mega Drive/PC Engine games resulted in the download service on Dream Passport 3... correct?