Flappy Bird Now Available For Dreamcast VMU

Remember a few weeks ago we took a little look at the new VMU games and demos from awesomely-named Instagram user guacasaurus_mex? Well, he's been working away behind the scenes and has just released Flappy Bird for the humble VMU! You read that right - the game that made a million iPhone users suddenly think their device was worth a thousand pounds is now available for our little battery-sucking pal.

You'll need Dreamshell and an SD reader to get this onto your memory unit, and the VMU Tool files can be found here. Guacasaurus explains further:

"If anyone is interested I just finished making a Flappy Bird clone for the VMU. Just put the file on an SD card, load with Dreamshell and once Speud's VMU Tool has loaded navigate to 'Open CD' and copy FLPPYBRD.vmi to the VMU.

Like most VMU games this doesn't work properly in the emulator so please use on an actual VMU!

Also, for anyone giving this a go, you hold A rather than tap like in the iOS and Android versions. Tap functionality didn't work so well with only 32 vertical pixels!"
There you go - another new game for the Dreamcast! If you have a VMU with some batteries in, let us know how you get on with it!

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