Sega Hard Girls Premium Figure Unboxing Video

A new piece of official Dreamcast merchandise in the year 2016? Impossible! Well, no actually. This is the official Sega Hard Girls Premium Dreamcast Figure exclusive to Japan.
Guard that Dreamcast collection with your life, my precious...
In short, the Sega Hard Girls franchise stars cute big eyed anime girls each based on a classic Sega console. It already has an anime and manga series, novels, PS Vita game, figures and all sorts of other merchandise under its name.

We'll go into more detail on the franchise in the future I'm sure, but you can check out fellow Junkyard members Gagaman and DocEggfan's previous articles on the franchise right now (here and here).
"Sega Hard Girls Premium Figure Dreamcast"
I bought mine from a guy who won one in those UFO catchers here in Japan, but if you're interested in getting one for yourself, you can pick these up from eBay among other places.
Click above for an unboxing video.
Check out our unboxing video above or just scroll down for more images of this beauty. along with her Sega Saturn sister figure (yes, yes, calm down anime otaku. I know, they're not actually sisters in any of the storylines! Just an expression...geeze).
Quite a well sculpted figure considering the relatively low price tag.
Obligatory booty shot.
Obligatory close up booty shot.
Mr Yukawa is clearly chuffed to bits with his new shelf buddy... can't blame him.
United with the 'Sega Hard Girls Premium Figure Saturn Figure.'
No description necessary.
Step away from the games Tom! We don't want this to get ugly!

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DCGX said...

I'm not a fan of anime girl figures (I always feel like I'd be doing something wrong, even though I'm not), but this may be the exception given it's the Dreamcast. Looks like on eBay they're between $30-40 new.