New Dreamcast Multiplayer Shooter [TERMINAL] In Development

Before you scroll down and view the images in this post, let me assure you that this is a look at an extremely early work in progress being created by a single programmer. Now that discalimer is out of the way, allow me to introduce [TERMINAL], the latest homebrew title to be added to the list of upcoming titles for our favourite wheezing cuboid. [TERMINAL] is the work of Rico Tyrell and is an online multiplayer shooter played from a third person perspective. At present the visuals are very basic, but Rico assures us that the reason for releasing this information is to garner some interest in the fledgling project:

"Currently the game is in pre-production. This is an open source game written using SEGA's Katana SDK rather than KallistiOS, which I am assuming will annoy a lot of people who are homebrew toolchain purists.

As of this writing, the server backend for multiplayer sessions is being written with the short-term goal of getting players connected and moving around on one server by the beginning of April 2016."
 - Rico Tyrell
That thing in the middle is you.
Over the shoulder of the grey cube.
The engine does boast some interesting aspects already, such as the zoom to 'over the shoulder' when aiming down sights for example, and as the game progresses we look forward to seeing the visuals actually take shape. There's a video below of the engine in action, but you may want to mute it. You have been warned!
The purpose of Rico releasing these images and video at such an early stage is really just to garner some interest in the project. We know it's far too early to say when we'll see [TERMINAL] released in a final form, but the game can be downloaded here (choose to log in as a guest) and burned to CD-R using DC2CD in ImgBurn; or alternatively using an emulator such as Reicast.

The file TERMINAL_latest.tar.xz always points to the latest build of the game and if you'd like to know more or offer support for the development, head over to the game's thread over at the Segaxtreme forums.

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