Greedy Goblin Con '16 Recap

On Easter Sunday we attended the very first film, TV and gaming con to be held in the town of Dorchester, UK. Dorchester is a small, picturesque town located in the rolling hills of Dorset and is more commonly associated with the writings of famous author Thomas Hardy, but this past weekend it was taken over by storm troopers and cosplayers in aid of Neuroblastoma charity Smile with Siddy.
The Greedy Goblin Con event was held at Dorset County Museum and we, along with the guys from Noah's Arcade brought a touch of retro-gaming awesomeness to proceedings with a line up of Dreamcasts and other systems from yesteryear for members of the public to experience. While the event was nowhere near the scale of things like Play Expo or Revival, it was all in the name of charity and Rob and I really enjoyed chatting to people about the Dreamcast and being beaten by four year olds on Capcom Vs SNK. Ultimately, the convention raised over £3000 for Smile with Siddy and hopefully these proceeds will help in the fight against this horrible disease.

Below you'll find some images from the event - enjoy!

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