DreamPod - Episode 28

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Music in this episode comes from Shenmue (Tomato Convenience Store), Ikaruga and The Jerry Springer Show. No, really. Thanks to Sean 'NZ17' Robinson for the heads up on ScummVM version 1.8 (go here for more information) and the shooter Tom is referring to is Noiz2sa. Released in 2002 for various systems, Noiz2sa is a freeware shooter that was converted to Dreamcast by Chui of Retro Sumus. The SD reader version is availible to download for free here (thanks to DC Eric for the link).

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way2easy said...

Hey, guys. You mentioned on the podcast that you didn't sell many ultimate collection guides at the market. So...... when can we buy them? I didn't make the swim over from Australia in time for the market. Cheers

Tom Charnock said...

Still waiting for a reply from Sega Europe regarding online sales. The legal team aren't the quickest at responding.