First Screens Of New Dreamcast Shooter Released

Hold on to your hats folks - it looks like there's another new Dreamcast game on the horizon. Not only do we have SLaVE, Elysian Shadows, Alice Dreams Tournament, Redux 2 and Hypertension to look forward to - there's an as yet unnamed shooter coming as well...and it looks pretty amazing.
This news comes from the DCEmulation forums (and I was notified of this by long-time supporter of the Dreamcast scene Pcwzrd13), but it appears that a talented two-man team has been working on a spectacular-looking new shooter that employs a game engine built specifically with the Dreamcast in mind. In the forum thread (you can read it here), lead developer PH3NOM explains that he can't give too much away due to an NDA signed with Goat Store but I think you'll agree that these shots (and video below) are very impressive.

Again, there are few details at present but PH3NOM hints that he and partner Juguefre started development using Quake III tools before moving to their own bespoke code due to level design restraints in id's software.
Judging by the character models and the stances used, I'd hazard a guess that the game will be some form of Payday-style heist simulator, but due to the aforementioned none-disclosure agreement all we can do for now is speculate wildly. 
"Initially, the engine was using the Quake III BSP for the level format. However, due to inherent limitations in the Quake .map format, I have pushed the engine forward and created a new MAP format for the Dreamcast using QuadTree partitioning for the collision, with fast render meshes optimized for the Dreamcast hardware.

Everything you see here are assets created by Juguefre and is our own copyright."

There's not really any other info to go on as yet, and the game doesn't even have a name but as soon as we know more we'll be spreading the word. All hail the undead console!

Update - thanks once again to Pcwzrd13, here's some exclusive footage of the character models in action (and holding weapons):


FlorreW said...

Looks awsome ! Keep up the good work

Unknown said...

Wow!! Looks like a beta for an xbox, ps2, or gamecube game!!

FlorreW said...
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Liam D Nicoll said...

The guy looks like a creepy pick pocket. That would be an awesome game.

Imerion said...

Wow, this is so impressive! I'm super-psyched for all these new Dreamcast-games incoming. Can't wait to see more! :)