Stock Take

Now that the Dreamcast is hardly what you'd call 'popular,' the games are extremely cheap - and Gamestation are seemingly trying to get rid of their stock of DC related stuff as quickly as possible. One tactic employed is their 'BOGOF' promotion that I have harped on about in the past. That is, Buy One, Get One Free. Today saw the purchase of Tony Hawk's 2 and that yielded a free copy of Charge 'N' Blast to go with it.

So that, I'm sure you'll be extraordinarily delighted to know, brings the total games library of the Dreamcast Junkyard up to the rather spiffing number of 46!

These games are:
Charge N Blast, Slave Zero, Tony Hawks 2, Soul Fighter, Crazy Taxi 2, UEFA Dream Soccer, 4-Wheel Thunder, V-Rally 2, Sega GT, Hydro Thunder, Jet Set Radio, F1 World GP 2, Sega Rally 2, Rush 2049, F355 Challenge, Dead Or Alive 2, Super Runabout, Red Dog, Royal Rumble, Virtua Fighter 3, Rainbow Six, Episode 1: Racer, Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, Sonic Adventure, Hidden & Dangerous, Chu Chu Rocket, House of the Dead 2, Soldier of Fortune, MSR, Berserk, Virtua Striker 2, Incoming, Ready 2 Rumble Round 2, Worms Armageddon, Code Veronica, Shenmue, Carrier, Dave Mirra, NHL 2K, Soul Calibur, Revolt, F1 World Grand Prix, Ultimate Fighting Championship, WWF Warzone and Planet Ring (ungraded because I can't play it).

Key - Games I love; Games I think are alright; Games that should be sent to the Black Hole of Calcutta.

There also some other items, such as Quake (the original), the Megadrive Emulator with about 400 games on it, the VCD player, Utopia Boot Disk and 9 Dream On demo discs.

No new hardware to report since last round up but here is is:
Console (obviously), 2 Official Guns, 3 VMUs, Keyboard, Mouse, Microphone. The Dreamcast Junkyard must, however, report the sad loss of an item. One of the joypads featured in one of the first posts on the 'Yard was from a shop that is manned by neanderthals and seems to only ever be visited by tracksuit wearing cretins who reek of sweat and beer (see picture). The shop is called 'Cash Generator,' and the pad in question appeared to be in fine working order...that is until I tried to plug it in for some 4 player action...the bit on the end was all squashed and wouldn't go into the hole. Even my incredible skills of fixing stuff was no match for the ridiculous mal-treatment this poor pad had undergone in the hands of it's previous owner. Therefore it had to be put down (thrown in the bin). What this diatribe means is that I now only have 3 pads.

But I've got no friends anyway, so in your face cruel fate!!!

Lastly, I've also started writing reviews for the American multiformat retro-games website Defunct Games. Here are my first published reviews of UEFA Dream Soccer and F1 World Grand Prix 2. As always, let me know what you think.


Unknown said...

You just described my local second hand shop, wherethe items are on sale before either the police or their original owners know about it.

Ross said...

Yeah, my shop had 50% off all pre-played DC software a few months ago. I snagged WWF Royal Rumble Sword of the Berserk: Guts Rage, and Rippin' Riders. I can't say I like the games I got very much, but $13 for three games ain't such a bad deal (it beats paying $60 for a mediocre Xbox 360 game at the very lesat). My favorite games on the DC are Grandia II, Power Stone and Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Tom Charnock said...

Hmmm...I saw Grandia 2 for £6 the other day...not much of an RPG man though - is it any good? Street Fighter Alpha 3 is pretty rare now aswell aint it?

Anonymous said...

whoa Tom you see grandia 2 for that price you have to get it its a dreamcasters duty to have one of its rare RPG!
I havent played it but trust me its well worth it if you got the free time to play it .
Congrats on your collection too , you overtook me as i only have around 38 I think :P.
Keep well and if I was you I would have bought that grandia 2 without even a second though :). youll like it Im sure.

gnome said...

Shit... and the Dreamcast I've been trying to buy is now being sold at 85euros... Shit. And all those nice games are just so sinuous...

Anonymous said...

Dear god gnome I got a gamecube with luigi's mansion for 45 euros brand new !!!you sure that you dont want to look into ebay because there's a lot better packages there and most send to other countries unless where you live in europe also has ebay :).

Best of luck mate having a dreamcast truly is one of the best things in life :)

Tom Charnock said...

Diogo - word.

Ross said...

I got a great price on a DC here - Grandia II, a DC system, a controller and the hookups for just $15. You've gotta love it.

gnome said...

Ebay, means paypal and dealing with the greek postal serviece... I distrust both, and with good reason.

But, I'm good at bargaining/bartering and generally forcing people to sell at decent prizes.. ;)

Ross said...

Hey Gnome - I've got a beautiful copy of World Series Baseball 2K1 for sale ;-)

Animated AF said...

Bloody hell, we had Grandia II down here once but they wanted £25 for it.

I have that baseball title to sell although, along with NBA2K1 and NFL 2K1 (two of them are still sealed, and I';ve never played them).