Sublime Idiocy

Anyone remember that semi-decent Jude Law film eXistenZ from a few years back? What you probably didn't know is that Sega sponsored it's cinema release here in the United Kingdom in order to expose the Dreamcast to a wider audience. Want proof? Here you go:
What do you mean you can't see the Dreamcast logo? Look just under the big 'Z.' That is a Blue Dreamcast swirl, my good (wo)man*. Clear as day, that. Nice one Sega.

Also, top marks for sponsoring a film where everyone who plays games turns into a HOMICIDAL MANIAC with MENTAL PROBLEMS.

*Gotta be politically correct these days...but lets be honest, if there's a single female reading this page, I'll eat my own scrotum.


Anonymous said...

Whoa your really treating your readers today!
I have to admit as much as I love Sega that they made some bizarre business decisions like this and if you check out ebay there's beach bags out there , I seen them when i was looking for rez and it tricked me to it.

Promoting a games console in a movie about making people crazy with games takes the biscuit though.

Nice one and your on my space list of must read sites because this place simply rules !

Tom Charnock said...

Thanks very much for the complement - it's always good to know people appreciate what I write.

Anonymous said...

You're on a roll tonight, mate. Any more of these and I won't be commenting 'til tomorrow. You know I've never had my finger too close to the pulse of the film industry but I don't remember ExistenZ at all. Perhaps I should check the bargain bin in case it was released and flopped on DVD.

I have to say in the event of any single females visiting this site, eating your own scrotum might not be a smart move... Nevertheless if you could actually do that I would be impressed... kind of... But do you have the balls? HAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry. Not funny.

And dammit, Diogo, you beat me this time!

gnome said...

Just a slight thing though (on an otherwise great post). ExistenZ wasn't sublimely idiotic. It was plain insulting. So was the PC game released (I've heard)

Great posts, and in a row.

Tom Charnock said...

Cheers Gnome, I didnt realise there was a game. Must've been shite though.

gnome said...

It was. It really was...

Ross said...

Nice blog dude. Your posts are very interesting. Lets keep the great posts coming!

As for the poster, I looked at it for half a minute and thought "What the hell does this have to do with Sega?" (before I read past the picture. Have a good one!