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Bleem! Update!

I managed to borrow some PlayStation games from a mate...and they work...to some extent.

Here are some shots of Tomb Raider 3, Driver 2 and Metal Gear Solid for your perusal. Apologies for the quality - as I've mentioned before, my camera only cost £40 and you really do get what you pay for when it comes to photographic equipment.

Back to Bleem! though - it even runs back up copies of PS games too, although naturally some work better than others. Tomb Raider 3, for example has the tendency to replace all the wall textures with a plain white gloss untill you get near to them and Driver 2 has a similar problem. Die Hard Trilogy is perfect until you get into the game proper and it's just a mess of polygons and odd textures - although the sound seems to be perfect.

The joypad is mapped pretty well to the Dreamcast one - X is A, Triangle is Y etc but due to there only being one trigger on the tops of the DC pad, you lose the L 2 and R 2 functions. Also, the analogue seems to work with some games but not with others.

The actual Bleem! interface is pretty non existent - when you put the disk in and it loads up, all you get is a flashing Bleem! splash screen. You then open the drive, pop your PS game in and it loads up. Simple but effective.

I do have a list of games that I am assured work perfectly with this version of Bleem! (including Colin McRae 2.0, Gran Turismo 2, Tekken 3, Ace Combat 3, Time Crisis, Ridge Racer Type 4, Quake 2 and ISS Pro Evolution 2) and I'll be trying them out at some point in the near future.

Even though there are a few graphical glitches with the games I have been able to test thus far, it is pretty cool to witness a Dreamcast displaying games for a totally different rival machine. The graphics on the whole are much shaper and pixellation is erradicated, but I don't see this as anything other than a novelty - who the hell wants to play Driver 2 when you can play Crazy Taxi 2?!

But if you'd like to download of a copy and try it out for yourself, click here

Legal Notice:
The Dreamcast Junkyard doesn't know how legal/illegal any of this shit actually is, so if you end up behind bars just because you love the Dreamcast - respect Brother (or Sister).


Animated AF said...

As much as I doubt Sony likes it (hell, they were the ones that stopped it from getting a proper release to start with) I doubt this is illegal if the games are the proper copies and not pirates.

I need to try this at some point, as soon as I find a mate with some games or get some dirt cheap ones.

gnome said...

Gagaman you could be right you know...

And tomleece, thanks for the link (again)

Animated AF said...

Just curious, but how did you burn this? Just slap it in Alcohol 120% and burn it with no tinkering?

Tom Charnock said...

itd probably be easier to just get it off limewire!

Anonymous said...

Whoa thats mind blowing stuff actually so every ps game eh ?

I would pay to be able to play final fantasy 8 because thats my favourite and problably only ps game I ever really got into ! If it works with it I might give this emulator of yours a try ;)

Animated AF said...

On the subject of Bleemcast, here's a good site that features some screenshots of games that have been tested to work for it, and other random facts: http://www.whipassgaming.com/genesisreviews/bleemcast.html

Tom Charnock said...

Thanks for the link Gagaman, I checked it out and it was very helpful. I bought a copy of GT2 on ebay yesterday and am awaiting it's delivery. Apparently it's perfect - I'll post the verdict when I can play it.

Unknown said...

Still trying to get my shrinking brain cells around the fact you can play psx games on the dreamcast. I think i'll lie down for a while

Animated AF said...

I have GT2 now, it runs very almost perfect on beta, although the actually released disc for it lets you save too.