New Stuff 2!

When it comes to Dreamcast games there are, in my opinion, 3 distinct catergories. The first catergory, for the purpose of this post, shall be named 'Common as Muck.' Games that fall into the 'Common as Muck' catergory are so numerous in duplicate that they are ubiquitous. Piles of shit such as Soul Fighter, Chu Chu Rocket* and Sonic Adventure*...the ones that everyone's got and that always turn up in second hand shops and at car boot sales.
The second catergory, that shall henceforth be known as "Where There's Muck There's Brass," lays claim to titles that whilst are many in number, are relatively hard to come by - Sega Exteme Sports, Evil Twin, Worms World Party and F1 World Grand Prix 2 for example.

However, there is a catergory that stamps on these two with a size 13 steel toe-capped rigger boot. A selection of Dreamcast games so rare and hard to come by (by chance, in a shop that is - eBay doesnt count!) that they have reached almost mythical status. The Triforce of the Dreamcast fraternity, if you will. Delights such as Shenmue 2...Sonic Adventure 2...Crazy Taxi 2...

Ladies and Gentlemen...let me introduce the newest entrant into the 'Yard:


Yes, it's here...and it rocks. And to add to my near Class A state of ecstacy, I also got a copy of Quake 3 Arena free with it...

It's weird though, because the other day I was looking on eBay and I saw this:

I saved the picture for some reason, even though I had no use for it...maybe it was an omen.

*the 'pile of shit' comment only applied to Soul Fighter. The other two are fantastic games that are fully endorsed by The Dreamcast Junkyard.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the buy mate I never played crazy taxi 2 but the first was a top game ! Im sure your going to like playing the 2nd a lot and with a free copy of quake 3 whats not to like ? ;)

I agree with you on some games being hard as hell to find but trust me with some luck you can get anything on ebay for cheap :D.

Fantastic blog as always and Im definetly going to get in as many people reading it too so it keeps up this way .
Keep the dreamcast ermm dream alive and have a cool weekend. I really need to get some new dreamcast game too once i have some money ;)

Tom Charnock said...

Yeah - eBay is top for getting rare games, but they usually cost an arm and a leg...CT2 was a fiver - with a free game from gamestation!! Thanks for the continuous support mate!

Unknown said...

Now that you mention it there are indeed very few "triforce" moments anymore. But a fiver for the game, what a deal! Congrats

Ross said...

Yeah, they have that Crazy Taxi car here for sale at Toys R' Us stores for $29.99. Its motorized. There was also just a plain toy one available in 2002 for $10.

If you really to experiance the best of Crazy Taxi then you should get the Xbox version, as it has the cities from the first two games as well as an all new one.

Animated AF said...

I want one of those Crazy Taxi remote controlled toys, just because I'm a Sega nut like that. Oh well, me Crazy tacxi little toy will have to do.